Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Wreaths

Sharing some happy holiday wreaths, a bit different than the norm. This anemone and feather wreath caught my eye. It would be a fabulous statement for your holiday party.

How about a letter wreath? Simple, eye catching.

A fun idea, especially for the kitchen- a gingerbread star wreath. With the added bonus of eating it....

Have you seen any other fun wreaths? Do tell!



  1. gosh Ann how pretty
    Love the stars but the anemones and feathers is exquiste
    Fay xx

  2. Great decorations. I have a collection of wreaths that I've made from the canes of our grape vines, but this year I've abandined them for a simple, hand made, white wooden dove with wings made from tin.
    May the peace of Christmas be with you. Bisous



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