Friday, December 16, 2011

Giant Blooms: Amaryllis

No other flower says winter holiday time to me more than amaryllis. We love to pot them up in a container and watch them grow. Once potted, they usually flower in eight to twelve weeks, so to hope for booms for the holiday, we start them in October. If you are just getting around to potting a few up now, the flowers will pull you through the long winter months. 

Did you know that the blooms are very long lasting once cut and out of water? If you are looking for a good flower to simply tuck into greens on your table, the blooms will last two to three days. Really. They look so fragile, but will surprise you.

There are so many wonderful varieties to choose from...

Apple Blossom

Christmas Gift

Pink with a White Heart


Royal Velvet



What flowers do you like to use in holiday arrangements?


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  1. Beautiful - Beautiful !!!! Best flowers for Christmas!



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