Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cork It

I bet you can't guess what these are:

I didn't know either. 
That is the bark removed from the Cork Oak tree.

Isn't that amazing? The Cork Oak tree is found primarily in the southwest of Europe and northwest of Africa, with Portugal producing half of the world's harvest. Once the tree is twenty-five years old, its thick bark is removed from the tree approximately every nine to twelve years and grows back only to be harvested again- the original renewable resource.The trees live between 150-250 years.

The cork is harvested entirely without machines during the summer months. Five people are required to harvest the bark with a small axe, a process that requires skilled workers in order not to harm the tree.  

Even though wine stoppers are only 15% of the cork production, they represent 66% of the revenues.

Corks' special properties include impermeability, buoyancy, elasticity, and fire resistance. Some of its other uses include insulation, floor tiles, bulletin boards and fishing floats.

 I find it beautiful just like this!



  1. Nature never ceases to amaze interesting article. Bisous.

  2. HI Dear Annie
    It's fascinating where nature provides in inspiration and design... and I love that you always manage to find it and share it with us..

    I'm off to check out the mirror post.. been wanting to get across to see it and have been behind the eight ball this week..

    Thanks for your lovely comments on the last post.. I'm going to see what I can do about your suggestion.. Have a great day.. ciao xxx Julie

  3. Interesting post - brought back memories of a holiday in Portugal a good few years ago now!



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