Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Beauty Revisited

I recently spent a wonderful afternoon with my daughter, who was visiting from her NYC home. We decided to check out parts of our hometown and dined in a newly renovated, old bank building that was originally built in 1925 as the tallest building in the area at the time. The 9-story, 1.5 million dollar United Bank Building was designed by the Cleveland architecture firm, Walker and Weeks, who also designed Cleveland's venerated Severance Hall.

The space, with its thirty-five foot tall ceilings and walls of curved windows, is flooded with natural light and a dramatic scale for its new tenant, Crop Bistro. 

Touches of gold highlight the room's coffered ceiling and moldings.

At one end of the room is a huge 1925 mural by artist Glenn Shaw, which depicts a market scene from antiquity.

Crop Bistro has an open kitchen and seating for 160. The bank's large vault is now a private party room.

The sandstone exterior remains beautiful as well.

Why build new buildings when the older buildings contain beauty that cannot be replicated today?  


  1. Fabulous Annie.. I love the old buildings also.. and that facade is somehow grandiose and understated

    Hope you had a lovely xmas.. apologies for my lateness with my xmas greetings I took an unexpected blog break and now get to catch up on all things christmassy..

    Have a wonderful lead up to 2012.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

  2. blogger at my comment [the dog ate my homework]

    Merry Christmas dear Annie.. I'm very late to wish everyone christmas greetings but hope your Christmas was wonderful and that the lead up to 2012 is filled with fun and happiness ....

    Love this building... doesn't it remind you of all we saw in Europe.. yet understated..

    Ok.. ciao ciao.. hope this one goes through.. xxx Julie

  3. An absolutely stunning building in which to spend precious time with your daughter. I love mother-daughter outings, which sadly seem to get fewer, as our lives become busier.
    Warm regards



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