Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Age (Before) Plus Beauty

Although I am increasingly drawn to a clean, contemporary look, if it is done right, you just can't beat an aged-to-perfection wall.

I though that this bathroom wall fits the bill perfectly.

If you like rustic... these stucco and aged wood walls sure have stories to tell.

This wall does not seem truly aged to me- it was nicely helped along. 

Then there is the plaster wall...

and the Saladino plaster wall, which one would be hard-pressed to surpass its beauty. I've still not tried his method- have you? How did it turn out?

Doesn't this look like the King's Speech famous wall before they removed its top wallpaper layer?

What are your thoughts on aged walls? Oui ou non?  



  1. oooohh Ann love the first 4 images and walls especially the bathroom and the beams
    im nuts about baths !!
    fay xxx

  2. Oui!!Oui!!!! That first picture of the bathroom is "perfect imperfection", just what I love. Saladino creates a wonderful look as well, but I prefer things to be just a little bit "crustier"! Great post.

  3. Hi Annie, I love plastered walls and have plastered many. Plastered walls make great Faux Stone walls. I added straw to another plastered wall and Fresco Walls to yet another.
    Love everything Saladino does but that bathroom is my favorite.

  4. I love the look of "aged walls" done well, or preserved well. The bath walls in the first image are beauitful.

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