Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sweet Paul

I had decided to revise our menus a bit and cook with beans more. I've never really cooked with dry beans; I don't know why except that we always opened a can when we were growing up. Out come the white beans. Check. Soaked overnight. Check. Now what? Bean soup? Chili?

I had the good fortune of browsing through the just-out issue of Sweet Paul magazine last night and- voilà!- not only did I find the recipe that I was wishing I had, but I fell in love with the entire issue. Paul Lowe and his team really outdid themselves.

Here's what I'll be making tonight and in the next few weeks:

 Portuguese Kale Soup
I had just made a new batch of chicken broth, the kale is still in the garden and those beans are ready.

 Mushroom Tart with Sage and Asiago
This will be on the Thanksgiving weekend menu.

 Fall Fruit Chutney
Why limit the chutney to cranberry for a turkey side dish?

Driftwood Wreath
I am not a lover of decorating for the holidays until after Thanksgiving, but this darling wreath could start out plain and progress to its holiday version on November 25th.

P.S. The Portuguese Kale Soup was delicious! Definitely due to the good recipe, not my soup-making skills, which are marginal at best.

Enjoy Sweet Paul's Winter 2011 edition here!

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  1. I love cooking with dry beans. So cheap and easy! Thanks for the heads up on "Sweet Paul"! XO



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