Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stories Told: JamesPlumb

Repurposing, salvaging, creating beauty with the discarded... meet Hannah Plumb and James Russell, the design duo behind JamesPlumb.Their mission is to expose "hidden beauty in the everyday, creating interiors with traces of history, but with new stories to tell.*

This butterfly bed's headboard is made from an old window and lined with textile fragments from old seats. 

 Un Ala Di Faraflla (Butterfly’s Wing)

JamesPlumb designed Hostem, the trendy men's store on Redchurch Street in London's East End. JamesPlumb and Hostem just won the Inside Festival Award in Barcelona for best in the retail category.

The walls and ceilings are lined with hessian cloth (burlap), the windows have Swedish linen drapes. Lighting in the store is industrial, with caged bulbs suspended at different lengths. Concrete plinths are used as displays. 

A vintage church pew was repurposed into the shop counter, the chandelier is created with a cluster of lampshades.

James Russell's luminaires:

Bird light

The Cluster Chandeliers are made from groups of lampshades that are finished in vintage fabrics and suspended by hand-dyed silk flex.

The Suitcase Drawers are vintage suitcases that are paired with customized metal frames to fit the different sized suitcases. Charming!

JamesPlumb was also nominated for Designer of the Year in the 2011 British Design Awards.


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  1. I love this look! The tented walls and suitcase drawers are great and I seriously covet the bird light.



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