Sunday, November 13, 2011

On Reflection

Simple yet effective: 
A mirror in the landscape?

Here in the northern climes (cold and snowy for three months), I wonder how the mirror would hold up. 
I like the idea very much, especially for those who have a postage stamp plot. A mirror would really help to create an atmosphere, be it the holidays or a summer cookout.

I can just see our dog barking at herself...
A good way to keep an eye on the kids...

What do you think?


  1. Love mirrors in the garden - I have 5 and my parents have one very large one. Warm regards.

  2. Well, I love it. Of course, with my obsessiveness I would be out there every single day polishing it. Lovely photo, Annie. xx's

  3. Oh my, I think it's absolutely wonderful...When Debra with 5th and state did the remake of my rose garden for the blog post she recommended a Mansard style zinc mirror to go on a rock wall behind an iron bench I have...I'm in love with the idea. Just need to find the mirror. I think this was brilliant whoever thought of might have to take it in during the winter...and as Marsha mentioned cleaning would be a factor but hey...fabulous things are worth a little maintenance. Hope your doing great. XO, Mona

  4. I just adore this beautiful picture. I am not so sure it would work for me here in The North.


  5. My father also has a mirror in his garden, this gives a beautiful efect. And is sure to withstand our hard winters.


  6. A great idea to have a mirror in the garden or patio or in a green court yard.
    But I would have an old industrial steel window with mirror glass. No problems about the weather and cleaning!
    Sold a very large one 2 years ago in London to a client who want it for his garden, here we are...

    Stunning image! Maybe the mirror was just placed for the photo session? Or?



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