Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mottled Effects

Concrete has come a long way in design. 
Just check out the raw beauty of these concrete panels, used in the transformation of an 1880s building loft on Bond Street in New York City.

And then there is the Venetian plaster used in this niche. 
Its horizontal striae effect is at once both striking and subtle.

The concrete walls remind me very much of a concrete application by Joe Fenzl (of Western Pacific Decorative Arts) in Sophisticated Surfaces, the classic book by Karen Aude that, although published nearly ten years ago, remains a mainstay in my library of finishes.

Here Mr. Fenzl applied a light glaze over the smooth top layer of concrete and then sealed it.

Have you used decorative concrete in your home or projects?

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  1. Concrete is something I've always wanted to play with but never had the opportunity. These effects are wonderful

  2. Gorgeous. The niche caught my eye right off.

  3. Concrete is a fabulous design element, especially with high ceilings and when polished on the floor. Your posts always "hit the mark".
    Warm wishes.

  4. Fabulous images, love the clear line!
    And yes, I do love concrete. We used it here and there in the holiday house (you may remember the bathroom).



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