Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Knock, Knock

Loving the charming, old doors used as decor elements these days.

These well-traveled doors reside in a Sydney, Australia home, 
but originate from Alexandria, Egypt around the early twentieth century.
(Wouldn't you like to see more of that molding on the right below?) 

What a great entrance to this French home!

The door's paint layers and whitewashing result in a gorgeous patina on the wood.

This stunning door was photographed by Mark Lanning in Soweto, South Africa.

Do you feature any doors with character in your home?



  1. Beautiful old doors, and the chandelier is stunning!

  2. I have a door fetish and hundreds of photos to confirm it! Warm wishes

  3. My doors have zero character. Less than zero. I've thought about attaching some molding to the flat hollow doors just to spruce them up, but there's no faking the real thing when it comes to age and patina. The doors in this post are awesome. Love that first photo!



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