Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Design, Russian Style

A few weeks ago I spotlighted the renovation of the beautiful Bolshoi Theater in Moscow (here). Design in Russia is certainly not all classic, though.

Check out this grey pinstripe wall... cool idea for the more tailored feel, along with the coordinating ceiling patterns. Actually, I like the whole room with its contrasts of patinated wood, crystals, smooth ceramic and gilt.

Grey and green together- a fun combination for this wall pattern. Definitely do-able using the many fabulous stencils available at stencil companies such as Royal Design Studio, Cutting Edge Stencils and The Stencil Library.  

Plum + light grey to charcoal+ silver metallic- rich and clean in this modern room.

These rooms charmed me from the ceiling to the floor, from the animal skins to the chandelier and all that is going on in between. Quirky. Personality!

Which is your favorite?



  1. My favourite is definitely the last photo - there quite a monochrome feel to this room but very subtle.

  2. Dearest Annie,

    Guess the last one is my favorite except for the way too large lamps. Not proportional with the rest...
    By the way, are you Dutch? Found you at Sharon's blog and you mentioned Pieter. My husband's name is also Pieter and we're Dutch Americans.

    Love to you,


  3. Mariette-
    Nice to meet you! Yes, Pieter is from Amsterdam and most of his family is in Holland still. I am an American who loves to travel!

    Fun to see the Pieter spelling with someone else- it's unusual here. I also like your name.

  4. Wow, my mind is working overtime.....all the possibilities with the stencils! (Yes, I've just visited the 3 recommended sites).

    Hmmm- can't decide on a favourite. I'm, a sucker for grey in the right room and house. Bisous

  5. The last Russian Room out shines all others. I love the oversized chandeliers! The room "feels" warm and inviting!!



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