Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Coming Around

What goes around comes around... and here comes the purple/lavender/amethyst again. It logically follows the perseverance of grey that has been with us for more than a few years now, but is slightly warmer and more spirited, especially in the northern climes where we must endure grey skies for days at a time.

I've always loved this vintage House & Garden cover, showing the best of the purple family with related accents.

So on we go, over to the current uses of purple.

Beautiful box of chocolates from Chapon

 Fine linens from Alexandre Turpault

 Love the linen curtains and tablecloth

 Katie Ridder 's new book, Katie Ridder Rooms, features this lovely living room on the cover.

Katie illustrates using lavender for shots of color... to cover the headboard,

 line the shelf backs and upholster the chairs.

Unusual kitchen tile selection

 Plop down on the purple perch

And last, but not least, Ladurée's Marie Antoinette cake

What say you? Do you do purple?

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