Monday, November 28, 2011

Colorful Coincidence

It started with this drawing that I had saved forever in my files. The shot is a closeup of the beautiful wall paintings in the Royal Hotel in Evian, France, long considered to be one of France's premier resorts. The hotel was built in 1909.

And then I saw this current House Beautiful feature by Maine Design
It turns out that they installed custom panels by Iksel, the fabulous French company owned by Mehmet and Dimonah Iksel, that are entirely hand-painted on gessoed canvas. I like the continuation of the design onto the ceiling.

I also happened upon the charming works of Sally Chandler, which have a similar feel to the colorful botanical scenes above. Their compositions are happy and airy, not too serious. Almost fresco-like.

Ancestral home memories, Inverness, Scotland

Ancestral country home interior, Yorkshire, England

Fun and happy designs...


  1. So gorgeous. I love the fresco look and feel. I especially love the roses in the first photo from the Royal Hotel.

  2. You mentioned Iksel. I've been following their progress for a while, and have been fascinated by their business model. I thought that their original panels were hand-painted by artists in India (I believe), then scanned and printed digitally on wide format Epsons that they have in their Paris apartment/studio. I'd be curious if you knew more...

    Perhaps it's their custom work that is entirely hand-painted, as you point out. Either way, a great post highlighting some great work. Thanks!

  3. It's beautiful Annie.. and did you manage to see the Royal Hotel on your recent trip? It's wonderful when something you have savoured so long comes to life for you..

    Have a great week .. ciao xxx Julie

  4. Hi Alan-
    Here is one of my sources for Iksel info besides their website and the magazine article:
    I hope we can believe it!

    Julie- No- we did not make it over that far east. There's always the next trip. I think we should all go together- we'd laugh so much- it would be good for the soul. Who else wants to go?

  5. I think I would love to rummage through your files.......the decorative walll paintings and panels are scrumptious. I have just spent 15 minutes on the Iksel website but unfortunately can't get into Sally Chandler's site. You are a wonderful resource for inspiration Annie. Bisous

  6. I love this too and had not seen it. thanks pgt

  7. Love this post and am pleased to see Sally Chandler's work. I adore "serious" artistry but happy and airy works perfectly as well.



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