Monday, November 7, 2011

20,00 acres of park

We are fortunate to have the Cleveland Metroparks surrounding the city like a ring. The collection and merging of parks began in 1917 and today the park contains over 20,000 acres of parkland that exist for the area's citizens to enjoy year round.

I grew up just a few blocks from the park, which we called the Valley. We knew the Valley well, hiking and exploring with our friends and brothers and sisters often. Yesterday was no exception. The weather was perfect for enjoying!

A crunchy leaf carpeting

Tree trunk stub with great patina and a suspiciously real turtle "face" at its end

Tree growth with moss- its own community

Tree root "crown"

Mr. Fox just left his lair to search for food on the cliff across the river from us.

Next year's growth is already set and ready to go.

Fall beauty


  1. Just stunning Trish........ It's a forest of fairy tales.
    Have a good week and warm regards.

  2. Annie, I know how much these parklands are valued by the residents. We have stunningly beautiful ones in Houston which have been devastated by our Texas drought of this past summer. Seeing so many trees destroyed (& worry about wildlife) is tragic. The little fox has stolen my heart. xx's

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photographs! The little fox is so cute! I live in Ohio, too, northwest, near Toledo. I'm your latest follower!
    Hugs, Cindy



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