Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wire Art

At first I thought they were sketches. You know- the first doodles coming out of your head to capture the essence of what you are trying to reveal. Then, another look. Wait- it's not a sketch. It's... what?

Artist Gavin Worth created a series of sculptures that amaze me. He manages to tell stories of human emotion by manipulating lengths of wire. The sculptures change as the environment changes, with the subtle movement of the wire in a breeze or a different perspective revealed through a change of light.

Worth, born in Zimbabwe, was raised in New Mexico. He graduated from college with a degree in acting, which he pursued for years. With a lifelong passion for drawing, painting, and sculpture, he is self taught.  He now teaches at the American International School in Cairo, Egypt. 

The artist's current interests are in paper cut works, a continuation of his wire series using a different medium.

"Hands Clasped"

"Corpus Callosum"

"Her Back"

Recently seen at the London Design Festival, designers Andrea Mancuso and Emilia Serra stretched imaginations by creating a 3D scene using just monofilament fishing line and strands of wool. Seriously.

After calculating the grid on the computer with 3D software and stretching the wire precisely to the fixed points from wall to wall and the floor to the ceiling, they applied Merino wool tufts to the wire.

In creating Analogia #001(from the Italian word for analogy), they felt like each wool affixing was akin to a brushstroke.

Amazing imaginations. 

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