Monday, October 17, 2011

Metal in Barcelona

If you are a lover of wrought iron or Art Nouveau, 
then Barcelona is the city that you need to visit. 
It is visually stunning. 

Around each corner and down most alleys, you can catch glimpses of the beautiful work that the metalsmiths produced, mainly around the late 1800's.

Beautiful street light with its charming shape


Gaudi collaborated on this entrance to Ciudadela Park 

Balcony closeup of Gaudi's Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera

I wish I had taken better notes so I could tell you about every photo but, alas, we were too busy enjoying the sights!


  1. How beautiful Barcelona is Annie! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures!
    XXX Ido

  2. Love the wrought iron and love those blue skies - what's that like - blue skies?

  3. since i was a tiny girl...
    i have been obsessed with both!!
    great shots.

    xx thanks

  4. These are fantastic images . This is my sort of city - j'adore metal work and photograph it wherever I go.

  5. Fabulous Ann
    I missed so much in Barcelona.. I only had a few hours and the throngs of people were daunting so all my shots are from the hop on hop off bus.. haha

    I love that statue.. it is perfection indeed... wow .. need to go back again..

    Thanks for sharing Barcelona with us.. I've been looking forward to it.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

  6. These are beautiful photos of a place I'd love to visit. xo Jenny

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