Sunday, October 9, 2011

Merci Beaucoup


Many thanks are owed to the wonderful folks who made our stay in France so memorable. Today, Pieter and I would like to send our gratitude to Aude Jeanson and her lovely family for taking such good care of us at their most impressive Clos de Mondetour.

This bed and breakfast with very spacious rooms sits in the tiny village of Fontaine sous Joy, about an hour north of Paris, and was recommended to us by Sharon over at My French Country Home. The XVI home has been lovingly renovated by Aude and her husband, Gregoire, over the past twenty years and can accommodate 8 persons throughout the three rooms available.

The main house with guest rooms and the living room

We stayed in the other, attached building where we had our cozy entrance with lavender to appreciate when entering.

Each day we were greeted by Gaston, their Lab puppy-in-training. Oops- Gaston! Quick! Get down before anyone sees you!

The early morning view to the right out of our bedroom...

and the view to the left. Can you say picturesque?

Even the French spider webs are elegant!

If you are considering a trip to Paris or France, I hope you consider staying at Clos de Mondetour. Aude will take great care of you! There is nothing quite like waking up to only the sounds of the countryside while on a holiday. We were so glad we did not stay in Paris. Instead, we had the best of both, as it is only an hour's drive into the big city.

To view further information, visit their website here. The history of the buildings is fascinating and Aude has the before and after pictures for you to peruse.

Thank you, Aude and Gregoire!


  1. So lovely! Paris is always a good holiday!

  2. How beautiful Annie
    What a view you had from your room....and I agree wholeheartedly that waking up to the sounds of the country is bliss,.. and the absolute quiet at night.. and fresh air.. etc etc.. Looks like you stayed in a gorgeous place and little Gaston makes a superb mascot...

    Love those spiderwebs.. They looks like they come from a fairytale.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

  3. It looks like a very charming and beautiful B&B.
    Love little Gaston with one folded-back ear in the first image and the table which is quite familiar to me!
    Lovely post.
    Best wishes for the week,

    p.s. sorry for the mix-up-comments on previous posts. The pictures of the horse are gourgious!

  4. annie... this is stunning... great post and looking forward to hearing more...
    nothing like a great place to stay ... in france no less! happy to have found you. x pam

  5. Hello Annie,

    This B&B is so beautiful. In an environment like this, you can not but have a wonderful holiday.

    Have a nice week

  6. Bed and Breakfast almost seems too humble a term to use for this very elegant property. It really looks very beautiful.
    Thank you so much for the link.


  7. Elegance & charm with wonderful hosts. C'est parfait, n'est pas? And great photos from you too Annie. Thank you for the link.

  8. Absolutely beautiful! And yes only in France would you find spider webs so lovely. lol



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