Wednesday, October 12, 2011

French Patinas

Patinas are one of my passions.
These happened to catch my eye in the past few weeks.

Love these irregular plates and their verdigris patina seen at a brocante in Rouen.

Did you know there is a wrought iron museum? Neither did we. We'll visit there soon...

This has a little bit of everything!

As you stroll down the avenue that leads to the Château de Versailles, you are quite aware of this very tall sculpture that, in all honesty, seems a bit out of place. But, somehow, it works. 

Bernar Venet created seven monumental works that are temporarily exhibited in the gardens of the Château de Versailles and Château de Marly through November 1, 2011. His project is called “Venet at Versailles” and has been quite controversial.

The two vertical arcs stand 72 feet high, weigh 125 tons and frame the Château. How they ever installed them is amazing.   

They present quite a contrast to the refined rooftops of Versailles. The rust is simply fabulous!

Which patina do you prefer?


  1. I prefer verdigris and - depend on the object - 'crusted' rust.

    This sculptures are amazing, definitely one my 'to-see-list' for next visit to Paris.


  2. Hi Annie, I prefer the verdigris patina. Are you back from France yet???
    XXX Ido

  3. Hi Annie,
    I love that second shot, the paint fading and peeling away from the rusted metal. Only nature can produce that over time.
    Love your photos and visiting France with you.

  4. The arc is a genius idea. Very beautiful.

    Murano Chandeliers



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