Thursday, October 13, 2011

Frances Palmer: Vases for the Gardener

So have I told you what is on my wish list? 
Definitely close to the top is a piece or two from Frances Palmer, the Weston, CT potter and gardener.

Frances was trained as an art historian, but prefers to create "functional art" such as vases and dishware.

She maintains a magnificent garden that features her treasured dahlias. Using flowers as molds for her trim work, she creates deliberately asymmetrical, quirky containers that are works of art by themselves.

 She has also partnered with Niagara Ceramics in Buffalo, New York, to produce the Frances Palmer Pearl Collection™.   These hand-casted and glazed pieces are actually very durable dinnerware.



Cake plates

More vases

Which to choose...!

Visit Frances' website here to make your own selections and drool.


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