Sunday, October 30, 2011

Color Peak

This weekend is the peak of our fall color. Driving around within a few miles of our home produced this collection of brilliant colors, all thanks to the sugar maples, oaks, Bradford pear, ash, gingko, sweetgum and sumac.

Oak alley


There are still flowers blooming, even after a our light frost. In our garden, the hydrangeas have a deep patina, roses are still coming on, the fall white anemone is still going strong, our jasmine is bursting for one last scent blast before we bring it indoors and in our neighbor's yard, the blue aconitum (monkshead) is simply a gorgeous shade of blue.

What is happening in your garden?

Thank you, Cindy, at My Romantic Home's Show and Tell Friday!


  1. Thank you for posting these stunning photos! Our color in Chicago area is not as stunning this year. It kind of came in waves, not all at once, and many leaves are now dropping off without the brilliant color. So I enjoy the "smaller" views -- the wispy beige flowers of grasses by a yellow tree next to a red bush -- little colorful views closer to the ground are everywhere right now.

  2. Things are fading fast...lucky for me I was able to convince hubby to go and water for me a out an hour ago. I have really been neglecting things. These are some gorgeous images . Happy Sunday. XO,Mona

  3. OMG, what breathtaking pictures! I am sad to see the hydrangea start to fade. I appreciate all the seasons but will be anxious for spring.

    All the best, Cindy

  4. Hello,

    These are gorgeous images.

    Happy monday!


  5. Oh WOW Annie - these are spectacular. What do you mean you're not that good on Photoshop - looks pretty good to me girl!
    Have a howling good night tonight.
    Much Love



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