Friday, September 16, 2011

It Feels Like It's Here

I enjoy... 
that little chill in the air, 
         the bittersweet that has almost reached the top of the  street light and is about to pop, 
the rose hips and berries everywhere.

The deer have feasted on the sweet potato vine and I am left with stubs. 
Thankfully, they have not bothered the hostas.

What's going on in your neck of the woods?



  1. I can tell the sun is at a slightly different angle, it may take a while for us, but it's coming...lovely image, Annie....

  2. We all at home are excited about how the weather is changing, no more A/C, open windows, temperatures in the 70's, T-storms, baking cookies, harvesting apples for apple butter, ah, we're loving it Annie. Beautiful photo!
    Wishing you a very autumnal weekend!
    XXX Ido

  3. I'm sitting at my desk looking a the blossoms on the flowering cherry. The angle of the morning sun has my study awash with a golden hue. Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons. Each Autumn I make wreaths from the cones on our grape vines....I love your wreath on the door.

  4. Even here in the coastal community of Dana Point, there Is a chill in the air. I actually wore my boots today.



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