Friday, September 2, 2011

Holding On

Late summer here means dahlias. We tucked the tubers in everywhere and have been blessed with a profusion of color.

They even are climbing through the fig trees!

Lime green zinnias are a soft, serene color, but powdery mildew is rearing its ugly head.

My mini purple cabbage border: why not?

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh my, Ann. Such beautiful images. I sure wish I had your patience and green thumb. It really pays off for you. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Mona

  2. Your dahlias are so pretty Annie. I planted dahlias like two years ago, they were so big that they were on the ground. You have fig trees? yumm-e.
    Wishin you a great weekend!
    XXX Ido

  3. Dahlias AND figs??? Wow..

    A beautiful day to you,
    - Irina

  4. Simply beautiful! And I love your cabbage border!
    Unfortunately our whole garden including the dahlias suffer from the drought this year and lack of rain.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Greetings, karin

  5. Annie,your garden is always so beautiful! Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Angela and Renee

  6. Stumbled upon your blog and love it and the name, Plum was actually one of the names I chose for myself as a child! A happy follower am I.

  7. You brought back a lovely memory for me, my daddy used to grow dahlias!
    Dianne :-)



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