Tuesday, September 27, 2011

French Timbers

A peak at the beauty of northern France ... from its hills and valleys 

and lovely lakes...

to the churches found in every village, large or small.

The half-timbered house are everywhere! I especially love the ones with walls that are really crooked.

Even a run-down old roof is a thing of beauty here.

Care for checkerboard bricks? The uniqueness is celebrated.

We screeched to a halt at this home's for sale sign. I know, dreaming.... Can't you just see the front garden blooming?

A casual stroll for baguettes... under this display of plasterwork to-die-for! 

Certainly not in America! We were discussing how it would be very improbable to do this anywhere anymore, if for no other reason than the lack of skills necessary to create this.

The folks in the countryside have been warm and friendly. Their pace of everyday life is something I'd like to strive for.

What a journey this has been! 


  1. Beautiful photos Annie and I love your treatment on that first one. Looks like a paint by numbers I used to do as a kid - Love it!

  2. HI annie
    Yes I agree with Di. love it.. I think you are seeing a lot more of Normandy than I did.. I missed the lakes so thanks for sharing that aspect of this gorgeous area.. I could live there too. but perhaps a bit cold for me.. Sorry your Versailles visit wasn't all you expected... I think those 2 salons were my favourites and the a lot of it was just overkill...and I laughed about your comment re all the gold!!! I'd have to agree..

    Glad you are having a wonderful time.... and enjoying your posts... you must have a laptop with you and not an ipad as I did!! ciao xxx Julie

  3. I recognize Les Andelys, and Rouen. We visit our cousins there. One of my favorite places on earth!

  4. Enticing photos Annie.........so quaint and beautiful. I particularly love the rural scenes in the intricate plaster-work. Each region of France has its own particular gems. I have yet to explore Normandy.....it looks wonderful.

  5. thank you for the lovely tour.
    this makes me more than ever want to get out of here!!!!

    gorgeous images
    thank you

  6. I want to go!! BTW, I just posted the instructions for the pumpkins if you want to know how to do them.


  7. Where buying bread is a stroll through a pageant of real live art history: such a contrast to driving to the supermarket. I love your pictures.


  8. FRANCE??? Annie you didn't invite me :(
    XXX Ido

  9. Yes Yes!! The plasterwork is to-die-for!
    And although I'm not really a 'timber-house-person' - your collage of these houses is very charming and beautiful, so, I like them.

    Bon voyage, we miss you!

  10. Hello,

    I agree whit La pouyette: the plasterwork is to die for! You have a real talent for taking pictures, they are wonderful.

    Have a nice weekend



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