Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dark Done Right

Dark on the walls these days translates into chic and stylized. There is still that age old question- does it really make the room look smaller or actually larger, expanding the walls into infinity?

Best use of dark in two different ways: love the tone-on-tone print (whether a stencil or wallpaper) and the matte Venetian plaster.

Wood painted dark:

Gorgeous Venetian plaster, in both color and application:

Love this wall! Is it Venetian plaster? Stone? I'd like to get my hands on it to be sure!

Elegant charcoal, reflected in the couch fabric.

Deep teal Venetian plaster...

An ebony lime-washed wall...

Like texture? How fun to have hide tiles on the wall!

Lacquered walls seem to look most impressive on dark walls, in this case subtly striaed. 

What a beautiful room to end this post- so elegant.

What is your take on dark walls?



  1. love dark walls or black painted walls..yes, they are so elegant and sophisticated...
    beautiful rooms and decors..

  2. WHAT i always notice about rooms with dark rooms is there is lots of natural light in the room. (excpet for a couple of your pictures). It could be photoshop or real but always seems to be tons of light.



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