Sunday, September 4, 2011

Caught in Stone

Amazingly expressive faces- how the artists can manage to capture emotions in hard stone amazes me.

 Atelier de Campagne is a good West coast source of statuary in Corralitos, CA. 
Some day I shall visit in person!

Uber talented Pascal Amblard artist discovered this precious face on the grounds of a villa in Germany.

Varying attitudes are portrayed perfectly:

Lovely and serene:

I wonder who and why....



  1. They all very attractive, but having seen so many during my life time.......
    I certainly love the image with the sunglasses! Just brilliant!

    Have a good start in the new week,

    p.s. very exited to look forward to last week in september!!!!! will send a mail during the next few days.k

  2. We love stone statues. It's amazing how they often seem to have a personality.
    Angela and Renee



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