Thursday, August 18, 2011

Peacocks Persist

I like peacocks. There, I said it. Their colors, their iridescence, their occasional attitude. I wrote about peacocks in my first attempt at blogging here.The peacock is timeless. This charming drawing is from a vintage children's book.

Elle Decor's September edition highlights this San Francisco Georgian home, where decorator Ann Getty assisted with the decor that prominently features peacocks in several rooms.

This room is for the true peacock lover- pretty intense walls, wouldn't you say? Love the ceiling, too!

Sally Page, of the Flower Shop Stories blog, was welcomed by Mr. Peacock when she visited Wyken Hall's garden in Suffolk.

I would draw the line at having a peacock for a pet, though.


  1. There is an historical ranch near my home that has a peacock and peahen. The male is so pretty. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos.

  2. I love them too! I hope you are having a good week!


  3. Hi Annie,
    I like peacocks too, we used to live in a farm like 10 years ago and we had them, they are noisy but beautiful. I made a peacock cake for an auction for my son's school in April, don't ask me how it turned out lol, a nightmare!
    XXX Ido

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  5. Oops ...I'II try again!

    Beautiful photos. I love the first room - it has the elegance and pride of a peacock. The thought of having a pair of these wonderful birds strutting through my garden is very tempting if it weren't for their incessant, irritating call and the amount of poop they leave on the veranda and paths - the reasons for which my brother-in-law found a new home for his peacock!

  6. Peacocks are so beautiful! Just a small touch is perfect for us. The room with the entire wall in peacock feathers is a little overwhelming for our taste. Beautiful none the less.
    Angela and Renee

  7. That 1st room is abolutely gorgeous. The wall of peacock feathers would send me round the bend.
    There is a family who has a vast estate in Houston who began with a few peacocks, they now inhabit the entire region and newcomers just gawk as they drive through the area, peacocks on everyone's lawns in the late afternoon is evidently sorta rare. Love you.....



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