Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jackson Pollock's Studio

I felt like I was a little child, sneaking into the adult party to spy. I have a fascination with people's studios- almost a reverence. One's studio is intensely private, a place of refuge where you attempt to capture and express what is inside of you. Well, I was captured when I read the article on Jackson Pollock by Robyn Lea in the new edition of the Australian Est magazine.

Robyn takes us on a tour of Pollock's East Hampton home and studio, while giving us a thoughtfully written article on how it came to be so.

Without further adieu, head on over here to savor the details.



  1. Wow, even his space is a work of art!
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend.
    XO Angela and Renee

  2. Interesting...and great photos.
    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  3. Love the foot in the paint -- I can relate to that. Look forward to learning more through the link, thank you!

  4. beautiful shots and such quiet in mood-so opposed to his painting techniques. thanks for sharing them . pgt

  5. Wow this is amazing, thanks so much for sharing! I wish I could see this is person, I'm sure it is quiet an experience.



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