Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Flowers

What's blooming now? Let's see...

Might you know this bloom?

This is a flower from the datura plant, an annual also called thorn-apple. I love the colors!

The gardenias continue their blooms. They like lots of water, sun and food. A bit demanding, but their scent on a summer evening is the reward. We use lots of them for bouquets.

One of Pieter's beloved employees gave him the original pineapple lily bulb and he has slowly been nurturing it to multiply. This is such a charming, unassuming flower that is very long-lasting as a cut flower. No scent that I can detect, though.

Inspired by Gina over at Art & Alfalfa blog, I planted Shirley poppy seeds. They did great, but are slowly starting to fade. This white version looked charming with the dichondra.

Dichondra is an under used trailing plant for pots and window boxes. It just gushes out of the container and grows very long. The silver/green goes with everything.

We harvested a few greens for floral work at Pieter's studio. The maidenhair fern (in the bottom front) was specifically requested by a client for its delicacy.

Tell us- what is blooming in your garden?


  1. Hi Ann, Wish I could grow Gardenias. Would love to see your always have something very special to share with us.
    Didn't you love your Shirley Poppies? I have the second crop getting ready to bloom. Your white Shirly Poppy is very unusual. Hope you're saving the seeds.

  2. Annie, the ONLY thing that is thriving in our heat is Esperanza. Do you know this plant? And, Shari @ Little Blue Deer, has the most amazing post up today on plum colors, hop on over. Love ya!

  3. A delightful reminder of the beauty and wonder of nature. The camera lens enables us to see its colour, texture and from a different perspective. Gardening is a social cement and my form of green meditation.
    Bonne weekend.

  4. My garden is such a disappointment right now. I have managed to keep hand watering potted plants almost an hour a day but have had absolutely no time for regular feeding and pruning. They are alive is about all I can say. Your garden is very loved and beautiful. Have a great weekend. On my way to the lake. hugs to you. Mona.

  5. gorgeous the thorn-apple..
    I's blooms are so pretty..

  6. Come to the south and help us! The heat has caused such a depression with our flowers…they are screaming for a weather change! Beautiful pictures!

    Renee and Angela

  7. Goodness! I could loose myself in that lavender flower. Excellent photography and lovely lovely blog!

  8. Thank you for the beautiful pics today! So many gardens are now looking a bit tired (including mine!... yours is not!

  9. En mi jardín crecen lirios, bugambilia y rosas rojas. Son muy bellas y coloridas. Chiapas, México.



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