Monday, July 18, 2011

Painterly Panache: Callidus Guild

Luminous texture is the phrase that comes to mind when I see the exquisite wallpapers of the Brooklyn-based company, Callidus Guild. A rich depth results from layering marble dust plasters, mica glazes and waxes.    

Callidus Guild, founded by the brother and sister team of Yolanda Milan Batteau and sculptor Christian Batteau, is a classical atelier of internationally trained artisans. Through their interpretation of historical materials, they design and install surfaces in plasters, leaf metals and hand-made paints

Much of their work is custom, with finishes often applied to paper or onto panels for a more expedient installation. Here the marble-based plasters are being applied to and buffed on panels scheduled for a high end retail establishment.

The sheen and smoothness of this eleven step finish is evident and begs to be touched.

Yolanda Batteau, working in a variety of mediums, also is an abstract and representational painter. This beautiful wall was installed at the 2005 International Designer Showhouse Gala for The American Hospital of Paris Foundation. The encaustic landscape also featured gilded highlights.

Callidus Guild has developed their own Sinuous Collection of wallpapers, which offer varying degrees of polish and sheen.

Visit Callidus Guild here for more information and to see their captivating offerings.

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  1. Annie, total gorgeousness X10. I love when you give us unusual artisan's work. Sometimes, I'm so immersed in jewelry/stones/metals I need to come up for air. You just saved my life. xx's

  2. The landscape is so unbelievable! Beautiful!!

  3. That encaustic wall with the gilded highlights was fab!! What lovely work.

  4. Annie,
    These are indeed a work of art - THANKS!

  5. Callidus Guild are my favourite surface artists. I go to their site to find my happy place:)



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