Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lightly Lavender

Aahhh- loving the look of cool, beautiful lavender, especially when lime and lavender are combined.

John Saladino does lavender as no other: the rough plaster was painted the palest blue lavender.



  1. I have never seen a John Saladino room I didn't love. Amazing how he can turn anything into a complete work of art. Love this post, Annie...

  2. Dear Ann, John Saladino does a wall color that I would love to copy. It is a greyish,lavenderish that is absolutely beautiful. Oh well, I actually love everything he does. Thanks for the little glimpse into his world.

  3. Oh me too. Love his work and am loving lavender accents lately. Gwenn Driscoll does a beautiful job of adding just a touch of lavender in most all of her designs. I bet you have gorgeous snips of lavender in your garden.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Loving the Lavender.

  5. Simplemente maravilloso, da mucho ánimo de realizar cambios en la casa.



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