Friday, July 1, 2011

Don't Miss This!

Now is the time you can Help Charlie Heal!

I was first introduced to Sarah Greenman at her blog, La Maison Boheme. It has since become a daily read for me as I enjoy her quirky yet classic approach to life and home. Sarah's second child, Charlie, "had a very rough start in life.  About 12 hours after he was born, he began having seizures. An MRI revealed he had suffered an in-utero stroke affecting the right side of his brain. More tests revealed other health issues including a heart murmur, an enlarged PFO (a hole in the heart), a narrow aorta, kidney problems, and a condition called Craniosynostosis."

Charlie is now eight months old and has managed to weather many of the diagnoses, even outgrowing the heart issues. However, in one month Charlie will undergo a major craniofacial operation. Several of Sarah's friends are hosting an online auction on Facebook to support Charlie Greenman. The auction goes live today, July 1st, with bids being accepted through July 3rd.   To view the available items, click here for pictures and descriptions.  There are lots of handmade goods, children's wear, culinary delights and sessions with some of the most amazing photographers. 

Head on over and “Like” Help Charlie Heal on Facebook to stay informed and bid during the auction.

 Tempted? Please bid on my collection of rose bud balls

Visit here now to help Charlie Heal!


  1. I am a speech therapist and specialize in pediatric thearpy. (one of my other hats) I have worked with children such as Charlie and know what he and his family must be going through. We are going over to check out the action.

  2. Oh my... thank you so so so much. You dear woman! I love your rose bud balls - thank you so much for donating! And I just saw the Help Charlie Heal button on your side bar! Thank you...

    ...and I was just coming over to tell you that I loved your post on Jeffery Bale's mosaic stone art. I loved it so much that I featured it this week on "Sarah Saw Something." Thank you for your beautiful blog! And thank you for your support for Charlie. I'm so grateful.



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