Friday, July 15, 2011

Classic With a Twist

For those times that you want something lovely on the wall, be inspired...

~by John Saladino's quilted wall hanging. I find the rod and chains almost as interesting as the quilt!

~by the simple solution of attaching an admired piece of fabric to a frame or two for hanging,

~by creatively hanging fabric panels (or sheets) to create a formal drape and screen at the same time,

~by very simply hanging lengths of fabric on wire, which can easily be changed out at whim,

~or to heck with the frames and just hang the canvas art alone!

Simple, effective solutions...



  1. Such a brilliant way of decorating a wall without it being as permanent as wallpaper or paint. A great way to add a focal point or a replacement for a headboard! Actually many printing companies now will print anything you want onto canvas won't they? Ohhh now you've got me thinking Annie!!!!! Thank you so much for such fantastic inspiration! Hugs - Glenda xxx

  2. Love the idea, you can go for easy, simple, elegant, bold, anything! Way cool!
    Have a wonderful weekend Annie.
    XXX Ido



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