Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Art of Living in Amsterdam

I knew an artist must live here! When I came across this fabulous home in The Art of Living in Amsterdam, her decor just drew me in.

Gertrud D, a painter and owner of Gertrud D Galleries an Amsterdam, bought this old warehouse on the Keizersgracht. Each of the four floors had ceilings over twelve feet high. Wide wooden boards functioned as floors and ceilings. The pièce de résistance was that the top floor was graced with windows on all four sides, perfect for a studio.

Because the home is a monument, special permission had to be obtained for any alterations made to the building. The staircase was moved to the center, the glass roof was exposed and, with virtually no doors, the space was opened up to take full advantage of its size.

I do believe there is not anything I don't care for! 
The plaster walls are fabulous.

The owner combines rich textures, both bold and subtle color palettes, plain wood, gilt furniture and crystal.

OK, I would also love this atelier with a view out of every window!

The word serene comes to mind in this part of the home.

Amazing walls and urns!

Do you like this style of decor?



  1. What amazing color and patina on the walls. The paneled walls are so beautiful.

  2. Well, Annie, I am just completely swooning. What a stunning place. I don't know of this book or magazine and am so happy you told us. Just a beautiful post, lovie....

  3. I should say so ANN its wonderful isnt it I lov the juxtaposition of the beams and gilt furniture and the WALLS are are just delicious book me in immediately ! thanx for showing fay xxx

  4. Love all of this beautiful and amazing home..the fabulous and vibrant colors to the more muted natural..and the art is so tres magnifique!!
    love the rich plums and berry colors and all the gilt..and the beams and weathered flooring..
    oh my..
    just stunning..

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