Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wedding in White

Sharing with you a peak at the wedding ceremony setting that I had the privilege of working on last weekend. The photos do not do the chuppa (the wedding canopy) justice as they were taken as we were scurrying about to finish. The bride's request was a balance of modern and romantic. 

The top half of the columns were lit from within, under the fabric and lace. The lace was saved for years to be used for just the right occasion- and this was it.

The chuppa was created by Pieter Bouterse Studio. Below, in the studio, the lace was pinned on and adjusted before the final attaching. It really is like creating a dress, as Pieter uses dress fabrics for his ceremony structures, with many "fittings" and steps before the structure is done.  

Bella, Pieter's dog, is sniffing the lace- she always has to investigate everything!

 Liz hard at work on the gorgeous lace.

The bottom half of the columns were off white silk with a ruched silk band joining the fabrics. The chuppa was finished off with all white flowers on top and a line of glass vases holding either dogwood branches or floating candles.

The next step was to place the white fabric aisle runner down the length of the aisle, which was blocked off so the runner would remain clean for the bridal party. Clear glass vases with candles lined the runner.

Hopefully I'll be able to locate more photos of the all-white-with-gold-accents reception.


  1. Annie, this is totally BEAUTIFUL !!!
    Tell Pieter I love him !!
    And, you already know I love you...
    Show us MORE, please.
    I was right when I said you guys should be in

  2. So - "When comes the bride?"
    Beautiful setting, very romantic!

    What was or is your work, Ann? Would love to know!

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