Friday, June 17, 2011

Up Close

Up close... 
Looking through a window? Raindrops?

Actually, the spider web caught the water on this rex begonia leaf.

Is this a worm on a plant? 

A painting?

Actually, this is a closeup of a pitcher plant (Nepenthes burkei).

Is this a hairy plant? Up close to a kangaroo baby?

Actually, this is a fern frond beginning to unfurl.

Is this a rose blossom? Dahlia?

Actually this is a cactus blossom. Would you ever dream this pretty flower would come out of the prickly cactus?

Have a Happy Friday... and look up close once in a while!


  1. Beautiful images. It's so funny how close up images give you a totally different look.

  2. Hi Annie,
    The picture of the spider web and the water is so pretty. I love ferns, but don't like how they look before he leaves open completely, kind of hairy; the flowers of the prickly cactus are very pretty, I have eaten prickly pear cheese which is the fruit of the prickly cactus and the cheese that is made out of the fruit is delicious.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    XXX Ido

  3. Oh my goodness. Mother Nature is the best artist, hands down.

  4. Beautiful images, you are so good behind the lense of a camera. That first and second images are truly remarkable...they are artwork! It is a good reminder to slow down and enjoy.

  5. My goodness - These images are just wonderful and stunning!
    It proofs again - real beauty is in the nature!
    Thank you very much, Ann, for posting this!
    Best wishes for a flowering weekend in your lovely garden,



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