Thursday, June 16, 2011

Color Coded

Enjoying the many clever ways to display color. 
New samples or old relics...

An in-your-face hanging of paint choices becomes a piece of art... 

An almost driftwood quality collection of colored wood...

And even these cake cubes created for a design class assignment become a savvy display.

Sometimes it just takes creativity!



  1. So creative, love the paint choices on the door.

  2. I love anything creative. Thinking outside the box is so much more fun. So good to catch up. My life has been crazy. In response to your comment...I've got those same tan lines from working in my own yard. I've worked myself to death out their this Spring and it is soooo hot. and yes the mosquitos are horrible and absolutely love me. I try every little remedy I hear of and nothing seems to help. We even have a mosquito mister installed in our back yard. I can't even imagine what they would be like without it. Sorry for my absence. Do you have any fun planned for the summer? Mona



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