Monday, June 13, 2011

If These Walls Could Talk: Casa Orlandi

There is just something about Italy. 
I am drawn to its past, to all of the creativity that flowed out of the artists' brushes and into their surroundings.
Casa Orlandi is a prime example of such beauty. I suspect that if we had the time, we could find amazing villas and homes deserving of magazine spreads for each day for many years. 

The pink room bathroom

Casa Orlandi, an 16th century palazzo in Prato, Italia, was renovated by the Italian architect, Sabrina Bignami. Owner of b-arch studio, Ms. Bignami is an architect with the specialty of restoring old buildings. During the four years of restoration, many rooms in the palazzo revealed frescoes underneath the white paint. The artist was Florentine Luigi Catani, who created the frescoes during the period of 1790-1815. Luigi Catani painted many religious frescoes and altar pieces, some of which are in the Cathedral of Arezzo and the Palazzo Pitti.

The windows, floors and doors are original to the building.

The dining room

The green suite

The pink room


The pink room / bathroom

The grey room

Fresco detail

The kitchen

The salon

 For an interesting interview with Sabrina Bignami, visit Costas Voyatzis' Yatzer interview here.

 To rent rooms in the palazzo's three guest rooms, the email is or



  1. Annie, oh my gracious. These images are so beautiful! Going back to look again!
    Angela and Renee

  2. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these, Ann!

  3. Annie, really amazing isn't it? Going on to read some of your older posts too. I've missed a lot in the last few days. xx's

  4. Hi Ann what a fabulous project !
    I love Arezzo too it has the biggest antique market in Italy once each month where ALL the streets are full !of antiques
    and of course Im a regular at the Pitti palace
    today is the start of" Pitti Uhomo "
    fay xx

  5. So beautiful...I would love to go to Barcelona. Happy weekend. Mona



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