Wednesday, June 8, 2011

His or Hers?

That would be gold leaf mosaic tiles for him or silver leaf mosaic tiles for her?

In 1938, the city of Paris, in a show of unity against Hilter, hosted King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. They stayed at the newly renovated French Ministry for Foreign Affairs, which was originally built in 1856 under Napolean III, and which is now the L’hôtel du Ministre des Affaires.

The bedchambers for the King and Queen each have their own bathroom, which were renovated in 2005. The King's bath is adorned with gilded Venetian tesserae (mosaic tiles in a cube shape). Each mosaic tile consists of two glass tiles sandwiching the gold leaf, producing a richness and depth not possible with plain gold leaf. The panel behind the tub is cut and frosted glass.

Over-the-top lush, eh? And quite beautiful.

The sink's pedestal is decorated with faceted glass.

The Queen's bath featured silver leaf Venetian tesserae.

Elegant, subtle, pretty.

The rooms are the epitome of late Art Deco and are a stark contrast to the rest of the ornate building. Serene and modern. 

Copper encircles the room's mirror.

So, which do you prefer? His gold or her silver?
(Despite all of the gold's pomp, I'm going with her silver...)


  1. Annie, Both are beautiful,however, I am going with hers. Can you beieve some people live like this?

  2. Those are beautiful Annie, I would prefer "his gold" it feels more cozy and inviting I think, the silver looks too cold for me.
    Have a lovely day!
    XXXX Ido

  3. I want to have them all!!!
    So stunning and wonderful....No words to describe this work of art!
    Thank you so much for showing it to us!

  4. I think I prefer his gold - it's so oppulent!

  5. Fabulous! I love both. Love the
    walls too!

  6. Hi Ann just been enjoying your magnolias arent they wonderful Well put me in the gold bath immediately its my idea of heaven and something ive been contemplating for years( being in the land of mosaic it would be silly not to !! though i wouldnt complain about the silver either I fell in love with it years ago when I saw Eltham Palace just outside London an ART DECO heaven and originally home of Henry v111, the gold bath there is mmmm Enjoy your weekend Ann and Ill let you know if I find out Harrys guest fay x


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