Monday, June 27, 2011

Garden Glimpses

This year we decided to go with a slightly different color palette in the garden, focusing on a color I don't use very often, yellow, and its cousins. To complement the soft yellow of the striped petunia, we combined it with Black Beauty (and velvety) petunias and also coleus and lime sweet potato vines.

This pink Oriental lily is just beginning its show in the back.

As part of our eat-from-the-garden strategy, we are harvesting nasturtium flowers daily for the salad.

Is this not the most wonderful clump of rose blooms? It smells delicious, too.

And our variegated hypericum is just beginning to bloom. If you need a good ground cover that will hold the soil in place, try hypericum. 

As I sit and write this at the kitchen table, I am also catching the soft lemony scent of the magnolia . Mmmm...


  1. Hi Annie,
    I have never seen a stripped petunia like that one, I've seen pink and white but not yellow, those are very pretty. I have yellow lilies, native lilies which are orange and there are some coming out that I planted last year but don't remember the color, I have also roses, my first ones, we'll see how they do. You sure have a beautiful garden, lots of fragrant blooms.
    XXX Ido

  2. Annie...this is so softly beautiful it takes my breath away. Love the nastursiums...they always remind me of my English friend's gardens. xx's

  3. Just beautiful. I would love to see it all in person. The nasturtiums are lovely and how fun to be able to add them to a salad. You're such so talented. Mona

  4. Hi Ann! What a great blog you have! Love the posts and beautiful images : ) I thank you for becoming a follower of mine!


  5. Annie, your garden choices are breathtaking. Love the combinations.

  6. wow, your flowers are beautiful! I love the magnolia!



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