Wednesday, May 4, 2011

THE Wall of The King's Speech

During this past week, the topic of creating authentically "old" walls has been addressed by Sharon at My French Country Home and Regina at Fauxology. THE wall in The King's Speech is a good example of artistry at work.

The wall of speech therapist, Lionel Logue, was created by famed British production designer, Eve Stewart. The office is not in his original building in London, but is located a block away at 33 Portland Place. While searching for the appropriate location for filming, Ms. Stewart noticed a totally distressed wall that served as her inspiration, as seen below.

This is the room before the artists started their magic.

Ms. Stewart relates that the wall is a compilation of layers and layers of paint, wax, lacquer and odd bits of paper. "Textures were really important to show the layers of people who’d been there before. We found a section of wall with those layers on it and fell so in love with it that we put it all over. It showed the stripping back of a person’s emotional baggage."*

"When the team arrived, one area was covered in wallpaper infused with oil, which had then been half-scraped, half-burned off."**

The intricate aging and mottled effects almost become mural-like in their beauty.

What did you think of THE wall?



  1. I didn't see the movie so I do not understand why it just wasn't painted 'proper'. It is a piece of art though.

  2. Oh I loved the wall. I didn´t know it´s history, thank you so much for this lovely post.

  3. Fantastic wall and fabulous for the movie. For myself I would like a slightly lighter version but just as complicated. Thanks for posting. When I finally see the movie (and I will) it will be more special now that you have shared the history of this great piece of art.

  4. I spent the whole movie freeze framing on those walls!! I made notes. I made both educated and uneducated guesses on how to do it. I made my husband nuts stopping the movie to talk about those gorgeous walls! lol

    Thank you so much for the information about the artist and technique. What a treat!

  5. this wall has been used in many films, also porn and even a diesel ad

  6. i was instantly struck with the significance and tone of that room, the moment "the" wall was revealed. I hadn't known how everything would play out in that room, but my mind immediately interpreted the artistry of the wall as integral to the atmosphere of the scenes that would take place in the room.
    It also immediately had me paying more attention to every set, all of which I found to be wonderful. thanks for this little feature of a stunning set piece.

  7. I fell totally in love with this room. Worth the price of admission to the film just to see those walls. Thanks for sharing!
    Plucky Maidens

  8. Love this wall.
    However, here is an article that contradicts the art director's story about creating the wall with her team...

  9. I loved the wall. It's the first thing that comes to my mind when I remember "The King's Speech"

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