Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Wall in a Hall

I was intrigued by this wall when I saw it in the Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House. Venetian plaster? Lacquered wall? Was this a hall or a room?

It reminded me of this gorgeous paneled wall in a French chateau, with the soft color and gilded molding.

Upon closer  inspection, it became evident that it was Venetian plaster in a lovely soft blue gray,

in the hall leading to the study designed by Sara Story (as seen here) and created by the talented Judy Mulligan.

 I though it a clever way of adding interest to an otherwise boring space used constantly. Why keep it just as a pass through area? The smooth Venetian plaster begs to be touched and the painted gold trompe l'oeil moldings really made it special.  

Extraordinary sheen!
What have you done in your hallways to take them out of the ordinary?



  1. I have done nothing - absolute zilch to make my hallway interesting. But this post has me thinking~! Just what I need, another project!


  2. Beautiful treatment of the walls. I'm sure in person they were really gorgeous! ciao....

  3. hi Ann: I love the fact that the gold is free hand or at least looks like it. I have done faux molding a number of times. it makes a huge difference and very very easy to do. In fact, there are many faux molding stencils out there if you want something more fancy.

  4. I like it but not sure I could live with it. It's great to see different ideas though - THANKS Ann

  5. I have been wanting to do something in my hall for some time now, just couldn't figure out what to do. This gives me lots of inspiration!

  6. Great inspiration Annie! I love the moldings! I do have paintings hung in my hallways!

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