Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This and That

A petite collection of wall and furniture inspirations...

This wall finish was achieved by dragging the brush through the wet glaze. 
Love the tone-on-tone.

The pairing up of the silky Venetian plaster and the gilded furniture- tres elegant!

While searching for a 40's glam setting for an upcoming project, I stumbled on this cool little corner. Love the gilt birds on the green and the mirrored chest in front of the curved wall.

Which is your favorite?


  1. Hi Ann, I love the Venetian plaster, yes so tres elegant. But for a foyer and an initial impact, the gilded birds would be fabulous.

  2. Love the console table in last pic. This is my kind of look. Sending love, Annie...

  3. My favorite: Number 3! Very "cool"!
    And the mirrored chest, reflecting the birds from the wall paper - fabulous!

  4. I love how we all have a different point of view. I'm going for the elegant #2. Hugs. Mona

  5. I have to pick a favorite? I love them all!! The first one is really dreamy though.



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