Saturday, May 7, 2011

Soft and Shimmery

Sharing with you a rather unused perennial that I find softly beautiful. This is a pulsatilla flower, also known as the pasque flower. It blooms in spring and is very polite about spreading, naturalizing itself if it is happy. The soft hairs flow during a gentle breeze, making the whole plant shimmer. The flowers come in red, white and purple.

What unusual perennials do you grow?


  1. Dear Ann,
    I'm very pleased to see the pulsatilla on your post and in your garden! In German we call it "Kuechenschelle" (kitchenbell) and it is a must in every oldfashion farmers garden. Flowering season here at our place starts in March. Lovely, lovely plant! Mentioned it in one of my earlier posts this year. There also exist a light purple one, slightly rosé (see my post).
    Unfortunately I've lost the blue and dark purple ones after having them over 10 years and they are really not very known here in our region in France. So, will get some more next year in Germany.

    Any other unusual? Have to stroll through my garden to see......

    Thank you very much for your comment and

  2. I don't know this flower, love what you've shown.
    So pretty! Happy Mother's Day, Annie dear...

  3. the Easter flower HOW BEAUTIFUL
    it would look wonderful in the white alcove bed space the perfect place to dream
    fay xx

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