Thursday, May 5, 2011

Paper Work

I never dreamed I would actually consider using pink in my home, much less pink chinoiserie wallpaper. Over the last few years, I have been catching glimpses here and there and I have really grown fond of it.

Interior designer David Kaihoi spotted a pile of tattered hand-painted, 18th century Chinese wallpaper at an auction. With the three scenes he found, he placed them on the bedroom walls, filling in the gaps with left over pieces.

This room was designed by the famed Parish-Hadley firm back in the 70's. Still a beautiful classic, to be sure.

Gracie offers to-die-for, gorgeous, hand-painted wallpapers and furniture, but they are a bit pricey. I like this alternative- frame a section of the paper as the art that it is.

Do you have any chinoiserie in your home? Would you?



  1. I LOVE this wallpaper! What an amazing find and I love how it was used. My first introduction to chinoserie was when I interned with the famed Bunny Williams. My dining room is a chinoserie inpsired wallcovering by Zoffany. Fabulous post! You are right, it is timeless and certainly forever a classic!

  2. Sorry, still stuck on the walls of the Kings Speech. lol

  3. just read your interests: kids, husband, design, travels...they are my interests too :-)

    beautiful wallpaper!

    greetings from Germany

  4. Although I'm not a 'pink-person' at all, except in nature, I certainly love the Chinese wallpaper in the first image. Not neccessairly in a bedroom, maybe in a large entrance hall, or Boudoir, or on one side of a large staircase, or.....

    And yes, I have a few Chinese pieces. Would not like to live without!
    Very interesting post Ann, thanks!
    Greetings - karin

  5. Annie, I have never been a fan...but like you I am starting to appreciate it more and more. It's amazing how this look as in picture #1 had stood the test of time.

  6. To quote Rachel Zoe: "I die." LOVE the tattered put together pieces. Seriously. I'm doing this in my Master Bath. Done.

  7. No, SERIOUSLY, I am doing this in MY home!!LOL! Regina, thanks for sharing this! Annie- this is true art porn!

  8. Hi Annie. Were we separated at birth? That first wallpaper...I would seriously fight you for that. Love even the way its torn and patched. Love the sunset pink. Drool! Bought some vintage stuff off Ebay...not vinyl!...pinned it up on a small wall in my dining room. Have millions of places I want to use it,even to paint on top of it (my type of paint by numbers!). So many projects, so little time! XO Trish

  9. I would!!! I am a huuuge fan of chinoiserie, but have not (YET!) found the small pieces I woudl appreciate...
    Once again, such a lovely delicate post. Makes my mouth water...I neeeeeeed chinoiserie, I need it!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!



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