Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Old and the New

Combining the old and the new is often my favorite way to decorate. There is nothing more exciting to discover a beautiful piece of the past that can be paired up with your new finds. Barcelona architect Benedetta Tagliabue and her late architect husband, Enric Miralles, transformed an 18th century warehouse into their home, making amazing discoveries along the way.

While the front of their home is rather dilapidated (which I would consider to be beautifully patinated), the inside space presents an elegant fusion of the old and the new.

During the renovations, centuries worth of paint were stripped from the woodwork, drawings and frescoes were discovered and arches were uncovered in the walls. 

A sleek, chic Eames chair contrasts with the rough hewn walls

Unearthed Gothic arch

This gorgeous fresco, revealed during renovations, contrasts with the modern furnishings chosen for the office. Drool....

A little peak at the room's original painting in the upper right:

Have you ever made exciting discoveries while renovating?

[via, photos by Christian Schaulin]


  1. We love combing antique and new pieces. Can you imagine how excited they were when they found the gothic arch and fresco? Wow.

  2. The only discoveries I've made while renovating is that things were much worse than I thought!! Would it not be wonderful to have a super old home where you would be on a journey to discovery what is hidden while renovating the spaces? Great post!



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