Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Intermission in Green

Sometimes you just need to step away from color.
One of my favorite looks is to go green and natural. Go outdoors and start choosing- lots of different textures are key here. Be it from your yard, your neighbor's (shhh...) or your family's, you don't need to spend a lot of money to create a pretty design.

While these parrot tulips were obviously purchased, limiting their colors to just white with touches of green makes for a clean and elegant look.

One of the reasons we grow lots of different hostas at home is to use them in arrangements. The lacy alchemilla flowers offer a nice contrast to the bold leaves of the hostas.

Even green veggies and fruits can combine to create a pretty tablescape.

Continuing the theme in the powder room...

What are some of your favorites to cut from the garden?



  1. Oh Ann, these images are so beautiful!

    I love 'playing' and decorating with leaves. Just have to go to the garden, cutting whatever I like. From the fig tree, bamboo, Chinese grasses, the leaves from peonies, all different shapes and tones of green, a bit of ivy and than here and there adding just a blossom in a delicate color, or...and...

    For me always the 'simple things' are mostly pleasing.

    Love the 'soap image' with the leaves in the background! karin

  2. I do love the unflower vase-the hostas are inspired.

  3. Hello Annie:
    The green and white arrangements you show here are so elegant. Our particular favourite is the Hosta and Alchemlla mollis combination which is absolutely lovely. As you say, the bold foliage of the Hosta acts as the perfect foil for the wonderfully frothy Alchemilla flowers, the chartreuse green being partcularly eye-catching.

    We have discovered you whilst Lost in Arles and are so pleased to have arrived. We shall return.

  4. Love those white parrots.But especially the figs on branches! Love them in a tall vase. Trish

  5. Your words here are wonderful, I love your idea of parting from color and finding beauty in the fresh green/white combo that is always in abundance :) My son just cut a huge magnolia flower off of our tree and brought it in for me as a surprise. I had NO idea they smelled so wonderful! The HUGE white flower is sitting on our breakfast table right now :) Have a great weekend XO, Kelly



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