Friday, May 27, 2011

In Lavender and Pink

One of the reasons I like tree peonies so much is their color.
Their color range is much larger than that of the herbaceous peonies (which I also love). 

Just look at this lavender!

The darker area on the inner petals read as burgundy black- striking against the yellow stamens.

This particular plant is over six feet tall and just as wide. It receives afternoon partial sun.

Can you detect the two "regular" (herbaceous) peony buds in front of the tree?

 You can see here that the stamens are starting to release the pollen, which is the yellow dust gathering under the stamens. This is one way to tell how old the blooms are.

Isn't this pink peony's coloring angelic?

Here you can see that this bloom is just opening up- the stamens look very fresh and full.

For those worried about bringing in ants with their peonies (don't be), check this out for a full explanation.

Happy Friday!
Happy 3rd Pink Saturday party- visit here!
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  1. Hello Annie:
    What a wonderful selection of peonies in such glorious colours. We have some in vases, bought from the local market, as we write, but none of the shades you show here. You obviously know how to nurture them.

    A lovely post with which to start the weekend which, we hope, will be a happy one for you.

  2. Annie, the lavender peonie is wonderful. I would clip some and have them in every room of the house. Have a great weekend!

  3. Amazing photography. I just love your blog. David.

  4. OMG! How wonderful!
    The tree peony together with the 'regulars', and the color....what can I say!
    So good to see this "Queens" in your garden while mine are 'gone' weeks ago....
    They are just amazing!
    Have a sunny and flowering weekend,
    greetings - karin

  5. I just wish that we could get more peonies over here in Brisbane, Australia, but i think our summers are just way too hot. They really are a truly stunning flower.

    This was a beautiful post for Beverly's party!

    Best wishes and happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Love those peonies ! But I can't found them her, in Greece...

  7. Truly some of the most stunning flowers that have been on the blog today.

  8. Annie! These are so pretty. Your shots are gorgeous! You should link this post up for Fresh-Cut Friday!! :)


  9. Thank YOU for sharing your peonies. So many of us garden in climates not to their liking. You make it possible for us to enjoy.

  10. Does the tree peony help hold up the herbaceous blooms? Love the white w/blush deep inside!



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