Monday, May 2, 2011

Blooms for the Room

Maria Grossmann, the talented photographer in Hamburg, Germany, created this compelling series of photographs on magnolias. I enjoy not only the blooms, but also the walls in the background.

Do you have a favorite kind of magnolia? Mine would have to be the sweet bay magnolia... for its lovely scent wafting by all summer long.


  1. Gorgeous images, Annie!
    Not my first time here, and I always like your pictures....following you now.

  2. I love these images. What a talented photographer. The entire vignettes are great! I love all types of magnolias. The tulip magnolia reminds me of my grandmother...she used to have one in her yard.

  3. If I remember correctly, you were the sweetheart that identified my neighbors Magnolia bush for me when I went and photographed the heck out of it! Love this :) XO, Kelly

  4. Hi Ann
    Sadly I couldn't tell one magnolia from another.. but I do love them all.. and I love each every one of these shots.. and just like you.. the walls and all the decor.. the colours are sublime... just beautiful..

    Have a great week... ciao xxxx Julie

    PS.. I just realised I was following your other blog not this one.. now rectified!!!



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