Friday, April 8, 2011

Summers In France by Kathryn Ireland

Summers in France surprised me. I confess that often I do not actually sit down and read a book that is full of gorgeous photographs. I like to put my feet up, sip my drink (and if my weight is in check, eat a piece of chocolate) and browse through the images, wondering how people do it! But this time, I opened to Nicholas Coleridge's Foreword (he is the managing director of Conde Nast in Britain) and then to Ms. Ireland's Introduction and I was hooked.

Kathryn Ireland's just published book, Summers In France, takes you on the journey of finding, renovating and living in the summer home that is called La Castellane.

The "Before"

The Gorgeous "After"

The tour continues into the small towns with their charming stores and markets,

into the lush gardens and sunflower fields surrounding the house,

and into the kitchen, where family life revolves around creating meals and memories. It is evident that Ms. Ireland loves to cook and she shares many recipes, most of which involve the garden treasures of the day.

I chuckled to myself when I read her "house guest tips", heartily agreeing with her.

Check out Summers in France here. You're going to love it!

Published by Gibbs Smith


  1. Sigh! Another book in the "to buy" list, thank you for the recommendation. I like the makeover of you blog!
    Lovely day!

  2. Another book on my Amazon "wish list". Looks beautiful, thanks!

  3. Dear Ann, Thank you for the recommendation...your last one was a good one (The Painted Facades of Florence), so I have ordered this one. It is on sale at Amazon.



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