Monday, April 11, 2011

A Striped Flower?

For the first time in six (!) months, we delighted in an eighty-two degree day. Yesterday, I don't think many folks were indoors. Riding bikes, taking walks, gardening, dog walking, beach walking, tennis, golf, baseball and grilling were the activities of the day. Any spring cleaning was delayed until...?

After filling eight big bags of acorns, leaves and dead grass, we enjoyed our yard. Honestly, only the helleboros and chionodoxa are blooming. After the warm weather boost, our other bulbs are close to bursting.

I had never heard of chionodoxa before a few years ago. I think it was one of those impulse purchases at the big box store that ended up surprising us. The plants are tiny, smaller than grape hyacinths. They are in the hyacinth family. Aren't they little cuties?


  1. Dear Ann, Yes they are charming!

  2. I love them! They look very special to me, never saw them before! Have to find out more about....
    Is that the name: chionodoxa?

    Best wishes for a warm and sunny week!

  3. I honestly have never seen such! The stripe, the COLOR!! Thanks for your kind well wishes today. They were very soft words for me to land on after this long day :) XO, Kelly

  4. Beautiful refreshing! You got a lovely blog:)



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